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The high reliability of the components is a decisive factor in order to ensure high efficiency in the infrastructure system.

With its comprehensive range of trainings, WS Academy offers you the exactly relevant know-how to professionally manage turnouts through their entire life cycle. Through our knowledge advantage, an optimal cost-benefit ratio can be achieved in the economic planning of facilities and also in the case of professional installation.

Track availability and optimized lifecycle costs are the keys to success for efficient maintenance management.

Consequently, a high degree of track availability will become an even more important requirement for all stakeholders associated with the railway infrastructure. The need to maximize track availability on one hand and increasing cost pressures on the other hand require a focus on a more optimized and economic management of the railway infrastructure. Extending asset lifespan and reducing lifecycle costs are the key targets to success for all infrastructure managing companies.

A planned, well organized and regular inspection and maintenance regime is necessary in order to avoid unexpected downtime, unplanned repairs and related costs.

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